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 Clan rules - If your in this clan, read this.

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PostSubject: Clan rules - If your in this clan, read this.   Wed Apr 09, 2008 6:03 pm

1) No applying for a different clan. If you want to leave, simply tell the leader or co leader and take off your tag. Then apply for a different clan.

2) No glitching in any game, any sets. Even against noobs. If either me, Killtact or Gooberman find out about this its a permanent ban.

3) You can't accept a clan war without the leader or co leaders permission. It won't count.

4) If your talking shit, you better have a good reason.

5) No spamming the lobby. If your advertising something, spam it 1-4 at a time (30 seconds apart). No acceptions.
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Clan rules - If your in this clan, read this.
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